boobaBOD comes from a professional Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Teacher & Mom who also has worked in the Dance retail industry for 20+ years.

her frustration in finding original movement apparel- for all nude skintones, be affordable AND can be worn both in & out of the studio while filling voids of functionality - led her to create boobaBOD.

boobaBOD is inclusive apparel for ALL. we value movers of all colors of the rainbow and respect all perspectives in the world. as a minority-owned company, this is imperative for our world.

we know what you are looking for because we were looking for it too! 


original movement apparel that crosses the line of functionality, fashion and funkiness.

original movement apparel that walks the line as dancewear, activewear and streetwear worn in the studio as well as out, making the transition effortless. 

original movement apparel that is affordable for you, your kiddo or any movers in your life.

original movement apparel that is designed for the people who actually wear it in mind. we are those people too. we despise falling in love with the perfect garment then question, "how can I wear a bra with that?" or "will I flash anyone while I demonstrate to students?"

original movement apparel that is custom made once ordered.

Stay Informed as you have the choice to customize select styles throughout the year- change the inserts, straps, sleeves. Go Wild! you never know, we may like your design so much that it may have it's own limited run with your name as the designer!


boobaBOD movement apparel fills the void!

our fun, versatile, original movement apparel comes from the mind of a rogue professional dancer/ teacher/ choreographer/ MOM ...

so boobaBOD's made by us, for ALL of us♡

who move to our own beat!


dance + active + street 

stop looking, you found us

boobaBOD founder, Allison