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FLooties Mid footwarmers

FLooties Mid footwarmers

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cover those toes, feet and ankles in freakin' softness!  

features our unique boobaBOD PEEK©️ allowing access to your foot. Now, you may tape your toes or try on shoes without the hassle of taking off your FLooties! Yep yep.

  • elastic top hem 
  • with boobaBOD Peek©️ - easy foot access w/o removing
  • length: mid
  • shoe sizes: S/M:3-6, M/L:6-9, L/X:9-11, XX:11-15 (Boys/Men size + 1.5 sizes)
  • fabric: fleece

☆ also available as FLooties Low footwarmers 

☆ original boobaBOD design ©️™️

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